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When we speak of Surrealism, as applied to a Mexican context, Edward James and Xilitla will immediately become the main topic of the conversation. And this is because the memory and the legacy of Edward James still coexist in this mysterious little town in the Huasteca Potosina.

Xilitla is imbued with the deeply-rooted traditions of the native Nahua and Teenek peoples, who today live on together, in harmony with both nature and modernity. The town nestles deep in a valley in a mountainous area of the Huasteca, and thanks to its location and prodigious atmosphere, the singularity of the place immediately begins to haunt the unsuspecting visitor. To understand this feeling, you have to see it for yourself, experience it, walk up and down the steep narrow streets, visit all the places of interest and allow yourself to be gently enveloped by the fog that slowly but inevitably embraces the entire town at certain times of the year.

In December 2011, the Federal Tourism Secretariat declared Xilitla a “Pueblo Magico”, the second of these in the State of San Luis Potosi after Real de Catorce. This distinction is not easy to come by and cannot be bought by any means. It has to be earned by merit, as many visitors will agree, after having found this magical spot. They themselves may wonder if Edward James really brought surrealism to Xilitla, or rather whether it was the local surreal geography, flora and fauna that inspired him to create his work of art.

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