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This is a low-risk activity, which is great fun, as long as you are wearing a life vest and helmet. The only thing you have to do is throw yourself into the deep pools that form below waterfalls. If you are carrying a camera or other electronic devices, we recommend that you use a special waterproof bag to protect them.

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> Pinihuan (in Lagunillas): this river is very versatile because it is the perfect place for a number of ecotourism and adventure activities. Most of the waterfalls there are ideal for jumps from different heights, starting at “Las Lagunitas”, a triple waterfall, which is considered a low-risk site. The one waterfall that you can only descend by rappelling is “La Lloviznosa”, because here, there is a drop of more than 30 m.

> Rio Micos (in Ciudad Valles): without being the most spectacular, this is perhaps the most versatile river in the Huasteca. Here, there is a well-defined circuit of seven waterfalls each of different degrees of difficulty for jumpers. The ideal season for jumping is between November and April, and the whole route can be covered in less than two hours.
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