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To observe the flight of these birds in Swallows Cave is to witness something quite phenomenal, but there are other things to do here, which will quite literally take your breath away. For example, you can go caving, an activity that requires lots of experience and professional training, as well as requiring certified professional equipment. For this activity you must get written permission from the authorities of the community, who will give you detailed instructions if you want to rappelling down the shaft. You can see the opening of the shaft as 60 meters wide in full daylight, but the further down the more than 350 meter deep vertical cave, it becomes darker and darker. And if the cavity is impressive from the top, from the bottom it is even more so, when you look all the way up the conical tunnel, barely illuminated by the sun’s rays which can only manage to spread a dim and eerie light that penetrates a few meters. Furthermore, the bottom of the basement is an absolute paradise for professional potholers, biologists and other scientists, thanks to the unique micro-climate, flora and fauna which flourish there. This, of course, is yet another reason why this cave is an officially protected Natural Area.

A special recommendation: if you would like to camp near the cave, ask for permission from the Protection Committee in the Ejido known as Union of Guadalupe, where the cave is located.

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