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Natural wonders, such as rare geological formations, unique sites and extraordinary landscapes may be classified under the different categories of our Natural Heritage. These are places that enchant, that take the breath away, that stimulate strange feelings, which are often hard to describe. Our exact perception is, of course, relative, because what may stimulate awe in one person may simply make another feel dizzy! Such is the unique case of the Swallows Cave, a mysterious, incredibly deep, protected Natural Area, officially listed as a Natural Monument.

There are, in fact, two wonderful vertical caves in Aquismon: “Las Huahuas” and “Las Golondrinas” (The Swallows). Since one of the greatest attractions in the Swallows Cave is watching the swifts (they are not really swallows at all) take flight from, or come home to roost in the impressive shaft measuring 60 meters in diameter, it is best to stay in one of the hotels in Aquismon and go up to the cave to view the spectacle either very early in the morning or at dusk. Around 6 in the morning, literally thousands of swifts and colorful parrots fly out of the cave together in a spiral motion, producing an indescribable fanfare of sound and color, and in the late afternoon they return again to their nests in an amazing community dive characterized by loud flapping sounds that flood the atmosphere.

In Aquismon itself, we recommend you try the Enchiladas Huastecas, the Bocoles and the Zacahuil, which are the most traditional dishes, and for dessert, don’t forget to go and get a fruit-flavored ice treat in the plaza.

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