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James bought a large piece of land in Xilitla and spent the later years of his life creating this garden, seeing it as a site for Surrealism implemented in the discipline of architecture.

On your arrival at this fantastic place, impressive details jump out at you wherever you look: a Gothic style door, a strange window, or a staircase that takes you nowhere. You stop, look at the detail, take pictures, your companions pose next to that strange door, and so you take a few more pictures and then walk on, to continue your own exploration; exploration is the word, because this place invites you to do just that, to explore without following any defined path. You see a trail that leads to a tower, a ladder, a huge, brightly colored flower molded in concrete. Then another trail that leads to something resembling a house, but that is not a house, a terrace that is not a terrace, a garden with more huge, concrete flowers. You follow one trail and get to what could perhaps have once been the main house, where there are two outstretched hands made of concrete, sticking out of the damp earth, where there are snakes, also made of concrete, that flank the trail, where there is inevitably, at some point, a souvenir shop and a restaurant. Another trail will lead you to the river, where there are more sculptures, bridges, whimsical groups of pillars, strange walls and pilasters. And suddenly you come across a waterfall and the pond, where Edward James used to swim and sunbathe. The water is inviting, it revitalizes; you can have a swim and then go on exploring this landscape of pure fantasy.

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