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If you’re traveling in the Media Region and want to have an exciting adventure exploring canyons and a rush of adrenaline, there is no better place for this than the Pinihuan Canyon, where you can go hiking, jumping off waterfalls, rappelling, climbing, and even camping. All along the adventure you’ll be amazed by the stunning views of the canon, its shady corners and lush foliage. The resounding roar of the torrents combined with the high tones of exotic birdsong is just fantastic! If you have your own equipment, just get to Pinihuan and get a local guide to take you around; if not, in Rioverde you can get in touch with any local ecotourism company. They have all the equipment you could possibly need as well as trustworthy, certified guides who know the area like the back of their hands.

This adventure takes anything from five to six hours, so it is a good idea to make an early start. Once you get to the place where you have to leave your vehicle, get your gear together, load only the absolute essentials and walk down to the river. There are some stretches where you’ll have to swim across the river to get to the first waterfall that you can rappel about 12 meters down, giving you your first taste of what is to come. You swim a bit further and reach another waterfall, about eight meters in height, and this is where you will make the first jump. At this point, you might feel a bit nervous about jumping from that height and the adrenaline will start to flow, but you must realize that this is just another very easy step. A little further on, you will get to a very good point, where there are four lower waterfalls.

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