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Do you like doing sports, even when you’re on vacation? If so, then you really need to know that two of the largest and most important sports parks in Mexico are in the city of San Luis Potosi. Both measure over 400 hectares and have facilities for almost every open-air sport imaginable; there is also a wide range of other recreational and cultural facilities that put the parks squarely in the vanguard of all public leisure spaces in Mexico.

Tangamanga Park I is located in the southwest of the city. At the main entrance, on Salvador Nava Avenue, you will see a detailed map of the entire facilities. Next, you can begin to explore, never forgetting the speed limit of 20 kpm if you are driving. The first thing that will surprise you are the rich, verdant, shady areas, and tall trees that gently filter the sunlight, creating a calming play of light and shadow which is a joy to see. You will also be impressed by the general neatness and cleanliness of the area, as well as the sight of people of all ages, walking, running or cycling around the park, while the drivers, without exception, politely give way to the athletes. If you enjoy running or jogging, there are three well-designed athletic tracks, or you may prefer to invent your own route among the tree-lined avenues, or maybe go all the way around the outer edge of the park, which measures a total distance of eight kilometers. There are excellent facilities for tennis, football, basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball; there are tracks for BMX bikes, quadrunners, motocross and roller skating; there are two gymnasiums; there´s a mini aerodrome for model aircraft, a 19 target archery range, as well as a center for various racquet sports.

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