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There’s even more: if you take this route, you can also get a real rush of adrenaline by rappelling down the falls and feeling the constant breeze of the waterfall and the countless rainbows formed by the light refracted in its waters. It is not for nothing that this is considered to be one of the most scenic rappel experiences in the whole of Mexico. To rappel down this waterfall, you must hire an officially approved service through the certified operators in Ciudad Valles.

There is another way to get to Tamul. In El Sauz, you can follow the paved road to the communities of Tanchanchin and La Morena. There you rent a boat and row upstream along the Tampaon River, flanked by the most exuberant vegetation. At some points, the guide will ask you to get out of the boat and walk along the river bank, because there are some stretches of gentle rapids which can make it difficult to row upstream for the inexperienced. Then, you keep on rowing through those landscapes of a narrow canyon and finally get your reward: the sight of Tamul waterfall in all its glory.

The row back to Tanchanchin does not require much effort, because it’s all downstream. On the way, the guide will invite you to stop and visit the Water Cave. Say yes! Since it was too dangerous to swim by the waterfall at Tamul, you can have a dip in this cave, below dark walls with festooned with stalactites and stalagmites. And after that, for lunch, in Tanchanchin you can have some delicious grilled freshwater fish!

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