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In Mexico there are many waterfalls, all considered to be of singular beauty; in San Luis Potosi State, there are also many, each one with its own peculiar beauty. You often need to walk a while and get to the viewing point to enjoy the best panoramic views, where the waterfall provides a focal point. There are some waterfalls that even invite you to get too close, to enjoy the breeze, and to swim in the pools they form. All this is a delight to the senses. There are few waterfalls that require any extra effort to reach them; Tamul is one of them, and the effort is well-rewarded. Regarded as the most precious jewel among the waterfalls in the Huasteca Potosina Region, Tamul is interesting in itself, because it is formed at the very point where two rivers join, where the Gallinas River falls into the Santa Maria River, and the Tampaon River rises. Weird as it may sound, few people think about that when their only objective is to gaze at the white curtain with a 105 meter drop and enjoy the beauty of the falls.

One way to get to Tamul is from El Sauz, where you can take the road to El Naranjito and drive on until you find the Gallinas River, where you must leave your vehicle and cross over to the Tamul campsite. At the campsite, you can try some freshly grilled freshwater fish and admire the waterfall from the top. An advantage of taking this route is that if you like kayaking and also if you have a lot of experience with white water, you must know that the Gallinas River is classified as Class III and that at some points along the four canyons, the turbulent waters are of varying degrees of difficulty for canoeists.

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