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It is well known that in the Huasteca Potosina, being a mountainous region and tropical rainforest, there are countless waterfalls. In most of municipalities there are rivers that form cascades at some point, but in Tamasopo there are a particularly large number of them. It is not for nothing that the name of the municipality and of the town, according to one interpretation of the Teenek (Huasteco) language, is “dripping place”!

Tamasopo waterfalls are world famous, thanks to the countless visitors who continue to arrive all year round, though fortunately without forming a bothersome crowd. The park is situated very close to the center of the village, and this is the main, though not the only attraction in the area. There is a good infrastructure here which will make your stay a pleasant one. You can picnic with the family or with friends, and you can swim in specially designated safe areas; you can climb up the rocky walls and make short jumps into the pools; you can also go hiking, exploring, take photos, get a nice tan or simply lie back and enjoy the exuberance of the forest in all its natural splendor. And when you get hungry, if you did not, by any chance, remember to bring your own food, in the park there is a restaurant and a shop where you can get a range of snacks to keep you going.

In the park there are actually three different waterfalls, each of an average of 20 meters in height. Together, they form a number of shallow pools that, depending on the time of year, may be an astonishingly bright turquoise blue.

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