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In the state capital, there are two riding clubs, the San Luis Potosi Equestrian Club and the Club Hipico del Potosi. The latter is now organizing challenge cups and attracts competitors from several different states of the country. The facilities of La Loma Centero Deportivo, in the state capital, are so modern and high performance focused, that many athletes from different countries regularly train there as part of their preparations for international competitions, such as the Olympic Games or the Pan- American Games. In the state capital, there is also the Centro Deportivo de Alto Rendimiento del Estado, a public high performance sports facility, where athletes from all over the State train for major tournaments.

There is also a tradition of Auto Racing among the Potosinos. There are two racetracks, the San Luis 400, in Tangamanga II Park, and the Potosino Autodrome, on the old road to Rioverde. Both organize races for different formulas and categories of automobile.

Tangamanga I Park is home to some major tournaments and national games throughout the year in disciplines such as archery, BMX and motocross races, as well marathons. There are more sporting activities and events to mention in different parts of the State, such as fishing, charreada, and horse racing. San Luis Potosi has a great deal to offer, and, after your first visit, we know you will leave with new friends, a very good impression of this great State – and plans to come back again, as soon as you can!
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