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Officially called Tequisquiapan but always better known as Tequis, this neighborhood was founded at the end of the 17th century in the western part of the town. For many decades, it was a very exclusive area, and even today it has a special charm. There are many popular restaurants, cafés and shops in the immediate surroundings of the beautiful square, where in the evenings friends and families meet to have a chat or to relax on the benches, while the birds noisily come back to roost in the trees for the night.

San Juan de Guadalupe, which was considered part of San Miguelito until 1701, was established in the southern part of the town. San Miguelito is perhaps the most traditional neighborhood in the city, and it was founded back in 1597. It is great to stop and observe everyday life on streets and in the shops, as well as in the plaza that, in spring, is a mass of color when the bluish-mauve jacaranda trees are in full bloom. If you cross the Calzada de Guadalupe, you will step foot in the territory of the neighborhood of San Sebastian, founded in 1603 for the Otomi families. This neighborhood has also many well-preserved examples of fine colonial architecture, which have now been restored and still give that unique feel of yesteryear.

A good alternative to exploring San Miguelito, San Sebastian and the city center on foot, is to take the “Turibus”, which takes you by the most representative places, while an official guide tells you about the history of the city, peppered with amusing anecdotes.

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