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After that pleasant moment of nostalgia, go on exploring and turn a corner or two to find a shady garden or plaza, with a kiosk or a fountain, with benches that invite you to sit and watch what is going on all around you: local people on their daily errands, going into or coming out of their houses or maybe a temple... there is always a temple in a plaza. Step inside the church and you may be amazed by the richness of the Baroque adornments or perhaps equally so by the simplicity of the later neoclassical style. If you are in the main square exactly on the hour, don’t miss the hourly concert at the Cathedral with its 36 pealing bells, interpreting extracts from classical masterpieces and popular songs.

You may well know that Zaragoza Avenue is the longest pedestrian street in Latin America. If you head north up this avenue, you will come to the Hidalgo Market, where the mingling aromas of exotic fruits, vegetables and spices linger in the air. Don’t miss the attractive little regional handicraft shops. If you go south down the same avenue, you will find yourself taking photo after photo: the Columbus Garden, with its Spanish clock; the Water Tower (“Caja de Agua”), the symbol of the city; the impressive Arts Center, formerly the State Penitentiary, and, at the end of the avenue, the majestic Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where Baroque and neoclassical styles are combined in a singular elegance. And, since you’re still enjoying your walking tour, a visit to the San Agustin Palace Hotel is a real must if you want to have the amazing experience of being in a living and working “museum”…

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