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To understand why they say that San Luis Potosi is one of the most “walkable” cities in Mexico, you have to experience it for yourself. The pleasant climate and the friendliness of local drivers both play their part in this. A pleasant stroll around the Old Town will help you see why it has been named part of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro Program, the objective of which is to showcase historical wealth through tangible heritage. In this district of the state capital, such wealth can be readily admired in the unique architecture of the mansions, temples, and many other works of art... You can also get a good look at the Old Town on the “Turibus, but wandering around the center with neither map nor fixed destination is much more fun, because this way you will discover the hidden corners of the city, be suddenly astonished by a monument here, a sculpture there, and so on. Almost all the facades are carved from dark pink quarried stone; look out for the dates and the initials of former owners, as well as whimsical faces or foliage which have nothing to do with standard religious iconography. Many of these mansions have now been turned into museums, shops or restaurants and their doors are wide open for the curious visitor. Peep into a doorway and let your natural curiosity lead you forward; go right in and let yourself be astonished by the unusual architectural or ornamental beauties, the décor of the rooms, the central courtyards surrounded by arches and flowers within. If the place is a restaurant or a café, you can just sit and order yourself a drink, but if you really want to savor “the taste of the city”, order some delicious Enchiladas Potosinas or some Tacos Camila, and enjoy a brief moment of nostalgia that takes you right back to our glorious past.

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Manuel José Othón No.130 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. C.P. 78000 Centro Histórico
Tels. (444) 8129939 - 814 23 11