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The tour, which is also available in English, includes ten focal points: it begins at the Plaza Centenario, where the guide will give a brief summary and then, during the tour he or she will explain in greater detail, what each area used to be in the past and how they are used in the present day. You will also hear some entertaining anecdotes or legends and you will, of course, have the chance to ask your guide all the questions that occur to you. Some of the key points on the tour are: the cell where Francisco I. Madero, the very first democratic Mexican President, was imprisoned, in 1910, which is now the Prison Museum; the Panoptical Tower in the central courtyard, from which, in olden days, the prison guards could keep watch over the eight cell-blocks, which are now purely academic areas. One of these blocks has been turned into a gallery for temporary art exhibits, which you can enjoy after the tour, at your leisure. The Pirules Garden, the Open-air Forum, the Cactus Garden and the Palm Tree Garden are all beautiful spots which you will pass, before you reach the Perimetral Corridor and the point where the tour finishes: the Mirror of Water, where musical and dramatic arts events often take place.

It is worth spending some time on this tour. We assure you that you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. And, by the way, don’t forget to go to the souvenir store to buy a souvenir for a loved one.

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