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To speak of a former prison, is immediately to think of dark and dreary space, full of “bad” vibrations, and, no doubt, there are reasons enough for this. But the building of the former State Penitentiary, which has now been transformed into the San Luis Potosi “Centenario” Arts Center (CASLPC), has nothing of this. No longer a place of confinement and oppression, it has been completely refurbished and turned into a place where both freedom of expression and creativity have become its main purpose.

Even though the purpose of the CASLPC is professional artistic training, ever since it opened, it has offered guided tours to enable visitors to learn more about the history of the awe-inspiring building. The bars of the prison have evolved into eye catching modern doors; the cells have become study spaces and classrooms; the former cell-blocks are now each dedicated to one of the diverse disciplines that are studied here. In yet other spaces, there are galleries for exhibits, a library and outdoor forums, as well as the administrative and commercial areas. Throughout the year, there is a program of activities targeting a wide range of audiences, and every year there is a Children’s Summer Festival.

There are guided tours of the center every evening, except on Mondays and public holidays. They start on the hour, and last approximately 45 minutes. On Friday nights, there are special illuminated tours, which lend a completely different atmosphere to the whole place. And if, during your tour, a public event, such as a concert, a play or a dance, happens to be taking place, you can stay and enjoy it, with no extra charge.
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