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The national and international sports tournaments, such as the Challenger Tennis Cup, during Easter week, and automobile racing in Tangamanga II Park, which regularly take place in our city, are particularly popular among local people and with visitors too. Our annual calendar of events is rich and varied and includes traditional religious feasts as well as a range of cultural and arts festivals. Some of the most representative of these are the Procession of Silence, on Good Friday; the International Festival of San Luis, the Festival of Light, and the San Luis Potosi National Fair ( Feria Nacional Potosina, or FENAPO), which takes place every August.

The state capital is also a busy commercial center. There are numerous traditional markets, where you can find agricultural products and arts and crafts from all over the State. There are also very modern shopping malls, such as the Plaza San Luis, where you can find a range of prestigious nationally and internationally famous stores and boutiques.

And if you happen to be feeling hungry, there are restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets. If you fancy something traditional, you just have to try the “gorditas de Morales”. Then, to help you digest your meal, a pleasant walk under the shady trees of Morales Park is the perfect thing to do.

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