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If someone said to you: “Let’s go to San Luis Potosi for a few days”, you would perhaps say: “Okay”, just on the impulse, but you might equally say: “Hmm… I’ll tell you tomorrow “. Then you might resolve to do a bit of research about places of interest in that city, ask your friends, check out some magazines, look it up on the Internet and you will be surprised to discover that people who have actually come for a visit commonly describe San Luis Potosi as a “city of majestic architecture”. Then you do a bit more research and you find out that the state capital has a great deal of attractions. The Old Town is home to beautiful former mansions, baroque and neoclassical churches, large residences now turned into museums, shops and restaurants, all built of dark pink quarried stone that lend visual harmony and that majestic and stately touch to the cityscape.

If you enjoy strolling around the city, you will discover wonderful details in the facades of the Old Town. Later on, when you get to the Calzada de Guadalupe, which is the longest pedestrian avenue in Latin America, you will find various places of interest, such as the Caja de Agua – a beautiful monument that is the emblem of the city. Here and there throughout your walk you will also find endless shady squares and gardens (incidentally, with access to wireless Internet) where you can sit and watch the world go by.

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