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Alternatively, if you fancy something lighter, the Tortas Sevillanas (generously filled savory bread rolls) are perhaps the best recommendation. With a full stomach, drive on to Real de Catorce, check in at a hotel and have a pleasant walk to get the unique feel of the this magical town by lamplight.

>Day 3: You may like to have breakfast at your hotel or maybe choose a cozy place in town. Later on, have a word with one of the officially approved guides, who are always available around the main square, willing to be your guide for an exciting cross-country trek on horseback with all the family. You can choose between a short ride up to the abandoned mines in the old “Ghost Town” or one of the longer rides to see where the famous local medicinal herbs grow. Yet another option is to go on a longer horseback ride all the way to the “Cerro Quemado” or Wirikuta, the sacred lands of the Huichol Indians. Once you get back to town, if you have worked up an appetite, you can eat before leaving for San Luis Potosi. Alternatively, you can wait to try the delicious roast goat in Matehuala, if you haven’t already done so the day before! Finally, you can drive gently back to the state capital and maybe go to one of the many cultural activities that take place in the city theaters or squares, or just have a stroll and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of our restaurants and bars at night.

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