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How about starting the day by going on a tour of the historical old city center and stopping and enjoying what you’re most interested in? In the case of museums, there are several options, such as the Regional Potosino (in Plaza Aranzazu) and the National Mask Museum (in Plaza del Carmen). If what you like is religious art, the Temple of Our Lady of Carmen, the Cathedral, the Church of San Francisco, the Aranzazu Chapel and the Basilica of Guadalupe are all worthy of admiration. Near the Basilica is San Luis Potosi “Centenario” Arts Center, once the old state penitentiary and recently refurbished to house a school of education in the Fine Arts. There is an ongoing program of cultural activities targeting wide range of audiences all the year round, and there are also regular guided tours of the center, every day, except Mondays and public holidays.

On your tour of the city center, if you get hungry you will, of course, find a range of restaurants. Having lunch can provide a welcome break before you start exploring again and have to leave for home.

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