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Just one day in San Luis Potosi can be enough for you to go back home with a very pleasant first impression. Imagine, for example, that you arrive on a Saturday afternoon and check in at the hotel you’ve booked. There are hotels that cater for all tastes and budgets, some in the historical heart of the city and many others along the main highway No. 57, as well as in the Las Lomas district. The city center accommodations are in some ways ideal because you can go straight out for a walk at any time and thus enjoy the many options for leisure activities as well as the range of restaurants in the immediate surroundings.

For dinner you can chose anything from regional dishes to the most sophisticated international cuisine. If you love Spanish food, we recommend La Gran Via, on Carranza Avenue. Just across the road, there is Cielo Tinto, with its varied international menu. If you fancy something more typical, La Parroquia, in Plaza Fundadores or La Posada del Virrey, in the Plaza de Armas, are both very good choices. In the area of the Plaza del Carmen, there are several restaurants with terraces, from which you can admire the illuminated historical buildings after dark. Now, to enjoy the nightlife, on Carranza Avenue there are a number of bars with great atmospheres, catering for every taste. At certain times of the year the Festival of Light takes place. This is a much more elaborate show than the typical “Light & Sound” shows which take place at many archaeological sites. The backcloths are the actual facades of the Cathedral (in the Plaza de Armas) and the Chancellery Building belonging to the Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi (in Plaza Fundadores). The shows are uninterrupted artistic projections of unique interplays of video, sound and light and each one lasts about 15 minutes .
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Manuel José Othón No.130 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. C.P. 78000 Centro Histórico
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