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This activity consists of climbing vertical cliff faces. You can choose to do it free-hand (with the appropriate safety equipment) or with the use of ropes and specialized equipment.

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> El Realejo (in Guadalcazar): in this small, protected area, near the capital of the municipality of Guadalcazar, you can go climbing up the vertical rock faces, such as Cerro de Las Comadres, or rappelling in the well-known “Hoyas” area. Here, you can camp in complete safety, and there are specialized guides who will take you anywhere you want to go; what’s more, these guides have all the equipment you will need to make your adventure not just fun, but also safe.

> The Joya Honda (in Soledad de Graciano Sanchez): few people have heard of this stunning crater, located only 30 km north of San Luis Potosi, near Ventura. It is a truly impressive sight, measuring about 150 m in depth. The vertical, yellowish rock walls are excellent for rock climbing or rappelling. At the bottom of the crater, there is a unique microclimate, where various endemic species of shrubs thrive. It is also the natural habitat for a wide range of species of flora and fauna.
The charm of its people and the mysticism of the place will make you re
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