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Around the main square there are several places of interest, for example, the parish church of Santa Catarina and the city market. The two mosaic murals at the old El Aguila gas station that used to be on one corner of the plaza will really attract your attention. The emblem of the eagle, just like the one in the old Mexican flag, is quite unmistakable. Be sure to go and see them! In the nearby square, you can hire an old-fashioned Mennonite-style horse-drawn cart, to take you on a tour around the city center and give you the chance to enjoy it at a different pace!

In the market you can find all kinds of local products, as well as regional handicrafts and typical food such as gorditas or menudo. But something you really have to buy, apart from the orange blossom honey, are the chancaquillas, the most traditional sweets from Rioverde, which are made of pumpkin seeds and unrefined cane sugar – a true delight for the palate.

And as for eating out … well, there are a number of options for almost every taste. Fancy some fresh fish? The fish farm called “La Cenicienta” is the ideal place for this. If you want something more typical, then go to the Poncho’s fonda or Doña Lupe’s, near the Plaza de San Juan, and ask for their delicious enchiladas Rioverdenses – with cecina (thinly sliced salt beef) they truly make a satisfying meal. However, if you ask people on the street what they would recommend, they will surely say that on Madero Street, on the corner of 5 de Mayo Street, you will find the “Tortas del Tigre” and that here you should ask for the pork loin with fresh cream, a unique delicacy with an exquisite sauce.
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