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One of the best-known tourist attractions near Rioverde is the Media Luna lagoon. To get there, you have to drive across the city and you may even spend a night or two in a hotel, if you are not planning to do some camping in the State Park surrounding the lagoon. Rioverde, even though it is the “capital of the Media Region”, is far from being a picturesque city, but just like anywhere else, it has its own attractions and local charms that can make a visit enjoyable. It is also a good starting point for doing some exploring or adventure tourism among the surrounding haciendas, caves, rivers and natural springs. So take a look at the so-called “City of Oranges”, so-called because of the abundant citrus orchards, and also because the sweetly perfumed atmosphere at orange blossom time is really invigorating. Indeed, just as invigorating as the natural orange blossom honey or the “Don Hilario” orange liqueur that you can buy at the local market!

There are two museums in this city. To learn about the local history and also about the Media Luna lagoon from an archaeological point of view, you should go to the Rioverde Regional Museum, located at 143 Matamoros Street. Almost exactly behind the Regional Museum, you will find The “Colibrí” Museum, which is an interactive museum and great fun for children, with a range of exhibitions with themes from History and Science. And if you want to give your children a start in extreme sports, they can practice climbing, rappelling and abseiling in the gardens of this museum.

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