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On the other hand, all the year round, hundreds of pilgrims come to Real de Catorce to express their devotion to the miraculous St. Francis of Assisi. Around October 4, pilgrims are here in thousands and at this time, no one would call this a ghost town! The hall where the votive offerings are hung and the altarpieces in the parish church bear witness to the unfaltering devotion and the miracles which have been granted to the faithful. This experience is not to be missed, and nor should you miss a visit to the old Mint (Casa de Moneda – the Cultural Center) and the atmospheric local cemetery.

Even though Real de Catorce is a small town, the number of hotels and other accommodations is surprising. Even more surprising is the quality of the food in some of the restaurants. According to many people, some of the best international cuisine in the state of San Luis Potosi can be found in Real de Catorce – even vegetarians feel the same way. But there are also some more traditional soups and stews that are served in local fondas and sold on the street. In spring, the cabuche (the flower of the biznaga) tacos are definitely even more delicious than the best spaghetti with Parmesan cheese that you could ever imagine!

And a “ghost” town is, of course, always surrounded by a myriad of mysteries and legends. The ruins of some of the former mansions and mines remain as silent witnesses of mythical treasures, stories of the underworld, and the best storytellers are, of course, the tour guides and the ladies who serve the traditional food in the fondas.                                                                                  < Previous
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