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Real de Catorce... the name sounds romantic, the place is famous for its fantastic virtues, this town is a living legend. This is the land of an age-old cult, dating back thousands of years to fuse first with our now inscrutable pre-history, then with a glorious but ephemeral more recent past and the current period of cultural renaissance. It is a picturesque village with steep, narrow cobbled streets.

There are few places in Mexico where there is such a convergence of races, faiths and languages, as you will find in Real de Catorce. At any time of the year you can see people from very different Mexican social groups, interacting with each other and with foreigners. Another peculiarity is that, sometimes you can also see members of one of the most mythical ethnic groups in our country: the Huichol Indians.

A normal day in Real de Catorce moves at a lethargic pace, but on weekends, holiday seasons and religious feast days, the intense activity is surprising. Dozens of tourists pour into the village to become part of this living legend for a few days, to explore the ruins, to go horseback riding, to have an exciting ride in the old Willies vans that drive down into the arid plains, to enjoy the star-studded night skies or make a pilgrimage to Wirikuta, the sacred lands of the Huichol tribe. Yet other tourists are drawn by the Easter rituals and come to see one of the most solemn representations of the Passion Play in Mexico.

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