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Also known as River Descending, rafting consists of navigating rivers using small vessels, preferably rafts or kayaks. The rivers are classified according to their depth and the strength of the current. Level 1 rivers are easy to navigate and are suitable for beginners, while Level IV are exclusively for real experts.

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> Micos (in Ciudad Valles): navigate the tranquil waters of the Micos River, enjoying the natural wonders of waterfalls and rock pools, ideal for a quiet rest along the way. The descent of this river is not at all challenging and it is very safe in general. There are no difficult obstacles to deal with so you can really enjoy the lush vegetation as you travel downstream.

> Tampaon (in Ciudad Valles): This river is classified from Levels I to III and it is considered to be one of the ten most scenic and navigable places for rafting in the world. Experience the magical thrill of traveling downstream, flanked by monumental rock formation, for a stretch of more than 15 km of easily navigable streams.
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