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You follow the path upstream; the roaring of the water gets louder; you turn a bend and suddenly see the natural rock-formation known as God’s Bridge (Puente de Dios). Talking of expectations... The first impression is simply breathtaking, and you realize that whatever you have heard about this place is not enough to describe it, since the magnitude of its beauty goes far beyond what can be described with words.

The truth is that Puente de Dios is not spectacular waterfall because of its height, but rather because of its setting, because of the high canopied, dense tropical forest that block out the sun’s rays; because of the exotic birds that circle noisily around you; because of the narrowness of the canyons through which the water flows with tremendous force, over great rocks and boulders, forming bright, turquoise pools which contrast with the varying shades of white foam. This point is no place for the conventional tourist to swim, because it is far too dangerous. The current here is very strong and there are countless underwater whirlpools so the undertow can be very dangerous. Adventurers and explorers must take special precautions, use life vests, and swim at their own risk. But none can fail to appreciate the unparalleled beauty of the rushing waters. And a short distance downstream, there are much more tranquil pools where anyone can swim safely and enjoy their day in the country before returning home, still spellbound by the miraculous natural vision of Puente de Dios.

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