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Surely you have already visited the Tamasopo waterfalls and now you’ve heard that the ones at Puente de Dios are even more impressive. Curiosity is our best driver and sometimes our expectations surpass reality. First, you leave the town of Tamasopo and take the road to El Cafetal, a community where the only attraction seems to be the old railroad station that brings back memories of past times. There, a gaggle of children will come up to you and volunteer their services as guides to the waterfalls. It is up to you whether you accept or not, but if anyone knows every nook and cranny of the area, not to mention all the local stories and legends, it is precisely these children, and, it must be said, their stories are really worth listening to!

The waterfalls at Puente de Dios are not really suitable for the conventional tourist, because walking along a path among some often quite dense foliage is required, and there are no food stalls or other facilities there at all. It is an attractive place for the more adventurous, who always bring their own water, provisions, tents and sleeping bags, if they plan to stay overnight.

As you get closer and closer to the river, the sounds of the water become louder and louder and the vegetation increasingly dense. When you get to the river bank, you realize that the river is much faster-flowing here, than down in Tamasopo. You go on exploring, stop to admire and photograph a detail, a cascade, a play of light and shade, while from moment to moment the damp breeze gently sprays you with the breath of the river.

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