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> La Cueva Azul (in Charcas): these caves consist of a number of easily accessible galleries which are packed with the most whimsical rock formations created by the unusual combinations of stalactites and stalagmites. If you are a really expert potholer and explorer, you may like to venture down into the deeper galleries to find still more geological marvels. To reach them safely, we strongly recommend that you contact a guide at the Town Hall or the Cultural Center in Charcas.

> Sierra de Alvarez (in Armadillo de los Infante): this is a mountainous area with its own micro-climate and pine-tree covered landscapes. It forms a natural ecological division between the arid highlands of San Luis Potosi and the more fertile Region Media, with its humid climate and temperatures which are pleasant almost all year-round, in strong contrast with the dry atmosphere of the state capital. In the surrounding area, there is a complex of interesting basements and caves, although it must be said that they are neither as spectacular nor deep as those of the Huasteca Region. Here, you can go potholing and rappelling.

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