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This activity will take you down into the depths of the earth to enjoy endless underground mysteries and explore endless hidden caves and grottos. There are routes at different levels of difficulty and some previous experience is required. It is always advisable to have the appropriate equipment and take all the necessary precautions.

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> Mantetzulel Caves and the Aguacate Cave (in Aquismon): this is a group of six different caves, full of countless strange and wonderful figures, formed over hundreds of years by the interaction of the naturally occurring minerals. You can take an organized tour of the caves, and a qualified guide will tell you all the ancient legends surrounding them.

> El Salitre Cave (in Xilitla): in the municipality of Xilitla there are a number of caves which, like this one, have not yet been entirely explored and therefore still present quite a challenge for more adventurous and expert potholers.

> Los Sabinos Grotto (in Ciudad Valles): nestled deep in the Abra Tanchipa Biosphere Reserve, at this grotto you can enjoy the whimsical formations of stalagmites and stalactites. To get there, we recommend that you contact the experienced guides from the neighboring villages, who will take you on a trek lasting about 3 hrs, and can include a trip to the “Arroyo”.
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If you want to know a magical town, Xilitla is ideal.
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