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What kinds of things do you like to do and see on your vacations? Adventure tourism, ecotourism, exploring mysterious villages and haciendas, or archaeological sites? Going to the mountains, to the desert, or to the tropical forest? Well, San Luis Potosi can give you all of that. If you prefer quieter, more relaxing places, perhaps with the idea of going to museums, or temples ornamented with beautiful colonial art, you can find that here too. In the same way, there are countless spas and springs, mystical places where people of indigenous cultures still keep their ancient traditions alive and express them with great solemnity and reverence during their sacred feasts; crafts of delicate beauty; exquisite cuisine featuring the most exotic dishes, virtually unknown in other regions of the country – San Luis has them all. The only thing you definitely won’t find in San Luis Potosi is the sea and sandy beaches, unless, of course, you enjoy geology and paleontology and you already know that the valleys of the Altiplano were, long ago in prehistoric times, covered by a large ocean. This is why even today, you can still find ammonites, shells and other marine fossils in the arid countryside.

This is just a taste of what San Luis Potosi can offer to encourage you to surf through our pages and start planning your next vacation in San Luis Potosi!

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