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If you are planning your next vacation and haven’t yet decided where to go, do take a look at all that the State of San Luis Potosi has to offer. If you do, you’ll surely decide to come here, looking forward to a really wonderful holiday.

When you look at the map of Mexico, you will notice that San Luis Potosi is located almost in the very center. The state capital is affectionately known as the “four-hour city”, because Monterrey, Tampico, Guadalajara and Mexico City are all just about four hours away by road. (To tell the truth, it’s a little more, but four hours is near enough). In fact, it could also be called “the two-hour city”, because this is roughly what it takes to drive from San Luis Potosi to Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Leon, Queretaro, Zacatecas and other important cities.

If you plan to come by plane, there are daily, direct flights from Mexico City and the United States. If you come in your own vehicle that can be even better, because you can travel at your own pace and get about more easily. If you decide to travel by bus, there are excellent connections between San Luis Potosi and other cities, as it is too, between the state capital and the local municipalities.

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