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> Biosphere Reserve Abra-Tanchipa (in Aquismon): explore this reserve on your bike, while you enjoy the natural wonders of the Huasteca Potosina. In the surroundings there are several good routes for mountain biking, and the spa-hotel Taninul provides an excellent starting point, and if necessary, you can rent all the appropriate equipment there.

> Sotano de las Huahuas (in Aquismon): Sotano de las Huahuas (in Aquismon): you can reach this cave (or basement) on your bike setting off from the center of Aquismon – and it is a really exciting expedition! The basement is a spectacle in itself, because of its stunning vertical drop of 291 m.

> Sotano de las Golondrinas (in Aquismon): the Cave of Swallows (or basement) is one of the best-known in the whole world. In the surrounding area, you can go mountain biking, starting out from the access road or any of the trails in immediate vicinity.

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