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Although its name refers to mountainous places, the truth is that mountain biking can be done wherever there is a flat, open field or a dirt track. Apart from being generally fit and healthy, all you need is a proper bicycle, helmet and knee protectors, plenty of liquids and supplies and an emergency repair kit for flat tires. The most important requirement is your own desire to go out exploring in the wild and to let yourself find your own way, by instinct.

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> Cerro de San Pedro (near San Luis Potosi): the area surrounding the town of Cerro de San Pedro has become a favorite place for Potosinos who like to explore cross-country routes on their mountain bikes. This area is pure paradise for mountain biking, because there are endless roads and trails to pedal along, starting out from the narrow streets of this old “ghost town”, heading to Monte Caldera.

> El Realejo (in Guadalcazar): since this is a rather mountainous region, you can really work your legs hard on your bike here, along winding trails, through scrubby terrain, dodging all kinds of natural obstacles, such as rocks, shrubs and different species of trees. The degree of difficulty is up to you, because your own experience and your own stamina are the only limits!

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