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At that moment, when you see the falls in all their glory, you honestly don’t know whether to just stop and contemplate this jewel of natural beauty, to dive straight into the refreshing water, or to take some memorable pictures. This waterfall is of a quite singular beauty, because two cascades slide side-by-side down a bright yellow wall, covered with thick green moss and other vegetation and then join together to form a bright turquoise-colored pool. There is also a second pool, divided by a low, irregular, chalky natural wall, covered with exotic lichens. At that spot, the water is quite calm and it acts as a mirror for the pure white curtains of the falls. This is just one of the reasons why you’d love to capture the moment with your camera. Later on, you can jump in and swim in the warm and pleasant water. If you stand a bit closer to the falls, you can even get yourself a sensational hydro-massage from the fast-falling streams of water.

Minas Viejas is a rather lonesome spot, away from the nearest village, but it does have some basic services, provided by the very friendly people who live in the community. Camping near the falls is very safe, and if, by any chance, you do not bring any food, the local people will gladly prepare something tasty for you. Spending a night at Minas Viejas means enjoying the music of the flowing water and the velvety, star-studded heavens; and, by the light of the moon, you may be lucky enough to see the most intricate plays of light and darkness and fascinating mixes of reflections and realities.

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