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Every waterfall has its particular charm, some because of their height, others because of their breadth and general magnificence; some because they are accessible and because you can swim near the falls or even behind the white curtain of water, others because they give you the chance to do activities such as jumping, rappelling or even kayaking. What all waterfalls have in common, though, is a beautiful view of the fall itself, and the chance to observe the flora and fauna in their natural habitats.

Minas Viejas is one of those waterfalls in the Huasteca where you can go hiking, swimming, camping and see some excellent views of the countryside. There are several ways of getting there: from Tamasopo you can take the road to Rascon and then go north, or from Ciudad Valles you can drive towards Micos and just keep going until you see the signs on the left hand side of the road. Both routes, deep among the sugar cane fields, converge at some point. Another option is to drive over from Ciudad del Maiz or Ciudad Mante. When you get to El Naranjo (the main town of the municipality) drive south until you find the sign and turn right. When you get off the main road, you’ll be driving between the sugar cane fields until you get to the tourist facilities, where there is a viewing point, a parking lot and sheltered picnic tables.

The atmosphere is hot and humid, but you can hear the welcome sound of the river flowing by. Just walk along a trail for a couple of minutes and you will get to the river and to the waterfall.

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