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Educational, because you can take the time to observe wildlife, the diversity of birds, including the diver duck as it swims and dives, and, if you bring your snorkel, you can see the many varieties of fish and freshwater turtles that will provide an unforgettable spectacle.

Diving is one of the most exciting activities at this lake. To do this you don’t need any experience in scuba diving; all you need is the determination and spirit to get to know the underwater environment. In Rioverde there are a number of certified tour operators who offer diving lessons, also including food and lodging packages. The instructor familiarizes you with the equipment, gives you instructions on how to adapt to the water, carefully monitors your progress at all times until at last the long-awaited moment arrives: total immersion in the lake and the discovery of the aquatic wonders that you can only appreciate by underwater diving: the flora, the play of light and shadow and the fish – the feeling that you can swim with them, “like them”. If you are already an experienced scuba diver, and have your own equipment, it is only question of reaching the Media Luna Park, telling the authorities at the box office, showing your credentials and starting your own voyage of exploration, where the only limits are those you impose on yourself.

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