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One of the wonders of San Luis Potosi, from a scientific, ecological, historical and tourist point of view is the Media Luna Lake, which is considered the most important source of water in the state. It is a major contributor to our state ecosystem, because the waters of the lake irrigate much of the Media Region, an area rich in agricultural and livestock activities par excellence. The diversity of its flora and fauna is of great scientific and environmental importance, and this is one of the reasons why it is an officially protected natural reserve where visitors are asked to be respectful and careful if they have a picnic, go for a swim, go mountain biking along the numerous trails, and especially when they light campfires.

If you have already been to the Rioverde Regional Museum, you surely know that many of the archaeological pieces that are on exhibition there were found at the bottom of this lake. This tells us that the lake was certainly once the heart of an important settlement and has been a religious ritual center from far-off times. The modes and rites may change, but it somehow continues to be a place of meeting and ritual, perhaps because our contact with water goes far beyond the purposes of pure entertainment.

A day in the Media Luna Lake is usually both fun and educational. Fun, because of the many things you can do, such as splashing about or swimming in the warm waters or paddling around in a kayak...

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