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Legend has it that this church, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, is an unfinished replica of the Temple of San Jose de Lyon in France. Even though this story may not completely be a historical fact, you will nevertheless be amazed by the unusually spacious interiors.

A few blocks to the south is the Plaza de Armas, a quiet spot, shaded by trees, where local people get together to chat, spin their yarns or simply sit around waiting for the temperature to cool down. Around the plaza there are several open air cafés, and from their tables you can admire two of the best examples of old local architecture: the House of the Portals and the more sober Saint Santiago’s Church.

If you happen to be in Matehuala at the end of May, you will surely notice a great deal of activity on streets, outside in the town squares and inside the theatres. This is when the Festival of the Desert takes place, the oldest event of its kind in the State of San Luis Potosi. The program is always rich and varied, and at the same time, there is a calendar of events for a number of other towns and villages throughout the Altiplano. There are always two parallel festival programs, a general one and a special one for children, both including activities from all the major performance and plastic arts.

Rather than a recommendation, this is an obligation: when you visit Matehuala you have to try the regional gastronomic specialty: the cabrito (kid goat). Roasted á la pastor, the taste is quite unique!
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