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After hours of driving along the long, occasionally winding road from San Luis Potosi to Matehuala, through semi-desert landscapes dotted with palm trees, garambullos and cacti, and imposing hills marking the far-off horizon, at last the emblematic hill called “El Fraile” and a huge church dome rearing up in midst of the plains tell you that you have arrived in Matehuala. A pair of tall arches forms the gateway to this city, which, without perhaps being the main destination for your vacation, is certainly a great point of departure for exploring other places of interest in the Altiplano Potosino.

Once you have found a comfortable hotel, a good option to sate your appetite are the famous “Tortas Sevillanas”, and for dessert the traditional “glorias” made with sweetened milk and pecan nuts. Then you will start to wonder what else there is to see in “the capital of the Altiplano”. You make your way downtown and let your instincts be your guide, and, as you walk, you will realize that Matehuala is not in itself a very picturesque city, because most of its colonial architecture has been demolished or converted into shops. The many businesses are of course the reason why the city is a very dynamic market town. Inevitably, you will go into the main market, where you will find a range of regional products and sweets. At the leather goods stalls, you can buy hand-made leather items, such as belts and boots, and the prices are so attractive that you will not be able to resist the temptation to buy!
Opposite the main market is the Cathedral, the huge dome which you were able to see from the highway.

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