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It’s cool and invigorating and awesome to admire the figures formed by the stalactites and stalagmites, such as “the turtle”, “the skull” or any of those described by your own imagination. The Cave of the Sun provides a wonderful show, when the sun’s rays penetrate through a crack in the cave wall and light up the rocks, which are, in turn, reflected in the puddles. In the cave there is one corner that tourists may not visit: this is the most sacred place of all for the local people, and for that reason they take great pains to prevent any kind of vandalism or profanation. This is the home of the sacred figure of the Blessed St. Jerome, the patron saint and protector of the place, whom the inhabitants of the region celebrate every year, on September 30.

The Cave of the Spirit also has its own unique charm and many myths and legends have been told about it and handed down from generation to generation, since the times of the ancient Teenek. Nearby there is a corner known as “The Little Pharmacy”, because a number of plants attributed with special properties, and used for centuries by the local people for traditional cures, flourish there. Just ask the guide about them and he’ll give you a lesson on medicinal herbs!

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