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Apart from the architecture and tangible cultural heritage, the magical towns are also characterized by their intangible wealth, which lives on as a normal part of their daily or festive activities. Clear examples of this are the local traditions and festivities that have survived for generations, without being altered by the invasion of new technologies, new fashions or new customs. And the great thing is that, while people are celebrating, they don’t feel in any way invaded or bothered by the presence of curious visitors, willing to learn about and become part of something which is a completely new experience for them. Another great aspect, typical of many magical towns, is the surrounding natural beauties, such as exotic, wild or lush landscapes, beautiful lagoons, dams or glittering waterfalls, all worth a visit.

And this brings us again to the word “magic”, which in this context has nothing to do with spells or charms. The truth is that although it may seem easy to describe a magical town, there are actually so many things that you can’t quite put into words. You just have to go there, feel the atmosphere and interpret things for yourself. That’s precisely what makes a town magical!

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:: San Luis Potosí

Manuel José Othón No.130 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. C.P. 78000 Centro Histórico
Tels. (444) 8129939 - 814 23 11