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Since the Federal Ministry of Tourism established the Magical Towns Program in 2001, by arrangement with the state and municipal governments, this distinction has currently been awarded to 50 locations, two in the state of San Luis Potosi, namely: Real de Catorce and Xilitla.

The objective of the program is not to rescue, but rather to recognize those towns that have valuable historical and cultural attributes, which the inhabitants have maintained over time. This award then becomes the starting point for a greater investment in tourism, which leads to direct benefits for both the local people and their visitors, always keen to get to know such picturesque places.

Something that distinguishes the magical towns from other places is that special, charming touch, lent by their distinctive majestic or sometimes austere architecture, imbued with a certain harmony and highlighted by the homogeneous colors of the facades. Another feature that cannot fail to captivate the visitor, is the usually cobbled streets, which add to the picturesque or Old Colonial, rather than simply provincial air. Serenity is another feature that distinguishes the magical towns from other places; here, time seems to pass at a different rate, people seem to live without hurrying and scurrying, and recently arrived tourists soon adapt to the pace and enjoy it as a welcome change from the routine stress of their hometowns.

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