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“Between Networks and Connections” is the first room on the tour, and here you learn that there is no single specific topic, but rather a series for this area of apparently diffused themes, which, however, all together create a network and also a connection with the themes of all the other rooms. In other words, this is the network or connection with everything that is around us in this world, such as energy and major technological inventions. The next room is entitled “From out of Space”, and here you will learn many things about the cosmos, the solar system and our planet. Then, there is the room called “Inside Nature”, focused on the environment and the biological sciences, with some emphasis on the specific ecology of the State of San Luis Potosi. “Imperceptible” is the name of the room where you will learn about microcosms, cells, atoms, molecules and nanotechnology. Here, there is an exclusive area with microscopes for people of over 12 years only. And, to make up for the fact that small children are not allowed to use the microscopes, there is another special room for them, called “In Pursuit of Colors”. The museum also has a 3D film projection room, a café and a souvenir shop.

“Astronomy nights” are an extra-special attraction. On the last Thursday of each month, you can go to the museum after dark and gaze at the planets and stars from the observatory telescope, and attend workshops and lectures on astronomy. Because there are only a limited number of places, we strongly recommend that you reserve your place in advance.

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