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> Gallinas (in Aquismon): the waters of this river (Levels II and III, in terms of challenge) are relatively quiet and great for a gentle row. However, further downstream you will reach a stretch of rapids that do require some prior experience of white water kayaking.

> Huichihuayan (in Huehuetlan): this heavenly beautiful river, at Level I and II, in terms of challenge, flows through the foothills of the Huehuetlan sierra. The chilly waters tend to be calm and are therefore perfect for gentle kayaking and nature study.

> Micos (in Ciudad Valles): there is a series of seven waterfalls, ranging from 2 to 20 m height, along this river, as well as a series of quiet backwaters where you can relax and rest. Although they are actually more suitable for waterfall jumping, experienced kayakers can overcome the challenge of this dramatic series of waterfalls and rapids without much difficulty.

> Valles River (in Ciudad Valles): this river is very quiet and highly recommended for those who are beginners at kayaking. Here they can get the experience they need, to go on to other, more challenging rivers in the Huasteca.

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