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Derived from the name of the vessel, kayaking can range from gentle, recreational paddling to rowing great distances to explore more remote parts of rivers or lakes. No experience is required for recreational kayaking, but you need to be very fit in general for longer hauls. Remember that for this sport rivers are classified according to their degree of difficulty and the strength of the currents. In our state, there are rivers at levels I to IV, so you can decide for yourself just how extreme you would like your adventure to be.

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> Amajac (in Tamazunchale): this jewel of nature may be the only one of its kind in the world. At this precise point, the Amajac River and the Moctezuma River, join together dramatically to form the much wider Panuco River. The Amajac River is a favorite place for white water kayaking because of the numerous sections of rapids, offering different levels of challenge, which occur all along its route.

> Coy (in Ciudad Valles): this is a very wide river and offers varying degrees of challenge for kayakers. Along the lower parts of its course, there are several tranquil and idyllic backwaters, while higher up, where it joins the Tampaon River, there are some stretches of fast rapids which require previous white water experience.

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