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In terms of ecotourism, horseback riding is considered to be a type of exploration. It is leisurely and soothing because the horse, mule or donkey takes you at the pace you want and you can give yourself the time to enjoy and photograph the amazing landscapes and the surroundings. One of the advantages of horseback riding is that you can get to places you could not reach in a motorized vehicle or by mountain bike.

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> El Realejo (in Guadalcazar): in this area you can go for a pleasant horseback ride, with the help of a guide, who will take you to places of great interest, where you can appreciate the beautiful natural scenery and spend some quality time with local people.

> Real de Catorce (in Catorce): this magical village is the starting point of a series of horseback rides to old mines, former haciendas, the “Ghost Town”, Cerro Quemado, Wirikuta or Los Catorce, which last from one hour to almost all day. Around the main square you will find the “Caballerangos” who will help you to organize the type of route you would like, and at least one or two guides will go with you, to ensure that you are completely safe throughout the trek.
Enjoy the contrasting beauty of the flora and fauna ...
Fall in love Rioverde,of its scent of orange blossoms and of its people ...
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