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> Santa Maria del Rio: at first glance, this municipality, or at least the main town of the municipality, is a kind of oasis. However, in the surrounding area there are some singularly arid places where you can go for a brisk hike to enjoy the singular beauty of the desert. These places lie to the west of the town, and you can reach them by a paved road which, at times, meanders beside the course of the river. You can leave your vehicle parked anywhere in the town and set off on your hike to explore nature.

> Sierra de Alvarez (in Armadillo de los Infante): in this mountainous, forested area, with its temperate climate, you can walk for hours and hours, enjoying the views which change at every turn of the path, as well as the far horizons overlooking the Valley of San Luis Potosi. There are no properly marked trails, but this is precisely why an adventurous spirit will thrive here. And if night should fall, you can camp here quite safely.

> Villa de la Paz: in the municipality of Villa de la Paz there is a well-known trail that, quite apart from its religious and historical importance, is well worth a hike. The trek starts in Villa de la Paz and ends in Real de Catorce. Every year, in October, there is a pilgrimage which goes to the religious feast of St. Francis of Assisi. However, you can hike this same route at any time of the year, and enjoy the country trails through typical landscapes of the San Luis Potosi Highlands.

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