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On those tiresome, hot days, there is nothing like jumping into a pool of water! A spa is ideal for a picnic with family or friends. Near the capital of the state, driving southward, there are several spas, but there is no doubt that Gogorron is the most frequently visited and the most attractive in terms of the facilities and services, as well as an additional and very special historical attraction: the famous Gogorron Hacienda.

The new Gogorron Hotel & Spa Vacation Center is located less than an hour from San Luis Potosi, in the municipality of Villa de Reyes, almost on the border with the municipality of San Felipe, Guanajuato. When you arrive, you feel as if you had unexpectedly reached some kind of oasis, because of the green, rural atmosphere and leafy trees. There are two main areas, the spa and the hotel. There are three swimming pools of different depths and a shallow one, which is only 40 cm deep, at the spa. There are two water slides, one for adults and one for children, as well as a water park and three tracks, where you can play sports, jog or cycle. There is also a nurse and a life guard on duty, which make swimmers feel safe. Obviously, the main attractions are the pools, which are always clean and well cared for, filled with warm mineral rich waters that flow in directly from a natural spring. If you would like a hydrotherapy session, apart from a swim, you can reserve the “Roman Baths”, with their very relaxing thermal waters. Nearby is the restaurant, with a menu full of typical local dishes, such as the Enchiladas Potosinas. However, you can also bring your own food and have a picnic near the pools, where there are palapas and grills to make your day complete, under translucent, blue skies that cannot fail to heal the spirit.
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